Become an Affiliate of the Center for Positive Aging

Due to the increasing need of consumers to understand and connect with providers throughout the network of aging services, LeadingAge Georgia members voted unanimously at the 2008 annual business meeting for the Center for Positive Aging to become the consumer arm of the association. One important task of the Center is to refer Georgia consumers to quality providers focused on excellent service standards throughout the state.

Becoming an Affiliate of the Center presents a standard of professional excellence to the consumer that is in line with building public trust. For over 28 years, the Center for Positive Aging has been the trusted source for seniors, their families and caregivers who need housing and services throughout the aging network in the Atlanta area. Now, affiliates benefit from our mission of connecting seniors, their families and caregivers to the resources they need statewide.

The Center envisions Affiliates as local "Centers for Positive Aging" in the communities they serve. Each center will offer the community its expertise on aging issues, assisting them in connecting to housing, services, products, and congregations of their interest, and benefit from being a part of a larger network of trusted sources. The Center will provide information and materials to encourage additional opportunities such as hosting educational programs for consumers. With the support of information on the website, Affiliates can strengthen their position in the community as the starting point for information and referral to consumers seeking resources for older Georgians.

Affiliates will be supported by the Center for Positive Aging with tools and materials to offer educational programs to seniors, their families, local congregations and other organizations in their local communities. This will support organizations in providing community benefit relating to social accountability. The Center will maintain a public calendar on it's website to attract consumers to your events.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of the Center please review the information below. You may also click CONTACT US on the main menu above to send us your information.

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