Modern World 101

is a curriculum designed originally by the University of Georgia's Cooperative Extension program bridging the generational gap between grandparents who are primary caregivers and their grandchildren. This fifteen chapter program includes information about governmental financial resources, how to communicate with grandchildren, the legal issues behind grandchild custody, modern technology, budgeting strategies, and much more!

In the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of grandparents who are serving as primary caregivers for their grandchildren. With decreased economic stability, this result should come as no surprise. In the state of Georgia, 8% of children live with grandparents and over half (63%) of those families are headed by a grandparent as the primary caregiver. These results parallel the national average, which has shown a 6% increase from 2007 to 2008.

To complicate matters, there is an increase in the amount of primary caregiver grandparents who are living in poverty. About one in five grandparent-run households live below the poverty line and about half of those families live three times below the poverty level. In 2011, the national average for a family of four to be considered in poverty is approximately one making an annual collective income of $22,350. This amount makes it difficult for any family to provide the resources they need to support their families. With an increase in the number of grandparents who are primary caregivers for their grandchildren and an increase in amount of these families in poverty, how can they even begin to try to find a way out?

The purpose of the Modern World 101 program is to teach grandparents who are primary caregivers how to access the right resources to help them rear these children, a crash course on modern technology and how to protect their grandchildren from internet dangers, and creating positive communication between the two generations.

One of the Center's goals is to create sustainability for this program. As a result, our presentations serve to both inform as well as promote others to teach this program to their communities. We are reaching out to community members, activity and service coordinators, and elders to share this information with their families and friends!

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