Positive Aging LifeStyles (PALS)

is a curriculum designed to give power back to the elder. For most of history, an elder was revered for his or her wisdom. They were ranked as social leaders, healers, sages, and the holders of traditions and customs that they passed on to future generations. However, with the creation of the Industrial Revolution, society's value shifted from wisdom to productivity. People that are the best able to do work were seen to have greater value than elders. As a result, aging was perceived by many as a process of physical deterioration and personal diminishment.

However, in recent years, there has been a change. With the arrival of the huge number of Baby Boomers, there has been an increase in longevity and lifespan that has given more value back to becoming older. With this new picture on aging, extended longevity means that an extended consciousness needs to develop to balance increasing physical and social deterioration.

The PALS program is a 14 week program designed to teach people how to balance their mind, body, and spirit so that they can reach that extended consciousness share this wisdom in community.

This program is divided into three modules:

The Ageless Mind An understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

The Ageless Body Knoweldge about maintaining your physical health and your body.

The Ageless Spirit An understanding about the power of belief and the value of prayer.

The goals of the Positive Aging LifeStyles program are to: Maximize the quality of your life as you take on the qualities of the ageless body, mind, and spirit; Enable you to serve others in a way that will help them live at their maximum level of well-being; and to Contribute to building a society where aging and longevity are used to improve the life for people of all ages.

One of the Center's goals is to create sustainability for the PALS program. As a result, our presentations serve to both inform as well as promote others to teach this program in their communities. We are reaching out to community members, activity and service coordinators, and elders to share this information with their families and friends!

If you are interested in having the Center set up a Train-the-Trainer presentation or are interested in attending one of our training sessions for Positive Aging LifeStyles,
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